Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Another Friday..Another clubbing escapade..MOS babbbbbbbbyyy.. Hehee.. It was fun, just me and my thou..Bitching,dancing,vodka-ing and dappangkuthu-ing..hahaha..And thank you for making me buy my red top..I laus ya many many..

I think I'm getting infatuated with eyeshadow..I swear..I've been ordering so many shades online..But its like a passion.The one thing I would really love to do is to become a full time makeup artist. But the reaction most people have when I tell them this is, 'What a waste of your degree!' Sighhh..My business degree will definately come handy when I decide to start a business of my own. But at this point of time all I want to do is get my cosmetology dip and get started..I'm happiest when I'm involved with makeup. I'm sure Sarah understands!! *smiles*

How hot is Tridiac??Esp a certain member of Tridiac??Hehee..I know I'm obliged to be an Anarchy 99 supporter but I am a secret Tridiac supporter!!! Hehee..And a few of you know why..*winks* I haven had a crush like this in eons and I like it!

I know all my recent posts have been pretty random..I'm not inspired to blog about anything significant.Then again..You don't come to my blog to read about political issues do you?? So just enjoy my random clubbing pics and when my online stuff arrives I'll show you what you're missing out on!