Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Phewwww...What an exhausting week its been..I've been out for 4 nights in a row..And it felt goooddd..Hehehe..Thurs my sec school friend cum neighbour Vick asked me out to Sahara..I had so much fun with the sheesha..Yummy cherry and mint! Then we made our way down to MOS..RnB nite baby! Met Nesh and his frens there. I was intrigued by this drink a girl was holding coz it was flashing red! Seriously..So Vick thoughtfully ordered 2 jugs of the drink which was aptly named Red Ice. And I happily took the fake ice cube which made the drink flash red home as a keepsake..Okie fine I stole it..Hehhee. That was one FUN night. I adore rnb+vodka+fun ppl..

I spent Saturday and Sunday with my thou..Sat we made a bold decision to club at Ashoka of all places..We wanted to hear tamil songs for a change..Goodness the club was crowded..But still we managed to have fun..Camwhoring in the cab and toilet.The other girls in the toilet were giving us looks but did we care..Noooooo..Hehee
Sunday we went for the Jay Sean Concert at Indochine in Clarke Quay. We went pretty early and they kept playing bhangra and hindi songs which we got sick of pretty soon..So Bharathi suggested we head to Gotham whilst we waited for Jay Sean to make his appearance. So I finally got to catch Odyssey(The 5 man exotic dance grp) at Gotham. And true enough we made the most noise and started whooping it up everytime a guy started taking off his top or shaking his ass.. So much fun! We must have shuffled from Indochine to Gotham abt 3 times coz everytime we went back to Indochine, Jay Sean would have postponed his appearance an hour later..So we finally managed to catch him live..*Drools* How cute is he??? My goodness..The man is TOO good looking.

Oh did I mention we took a pic with 2 of the hotter men in Odyssey..*Drools* Too bad abt Riann eh Joanne?? Hehehhee

I am like soooooo bloody tired now..I'll post makeup pics in the next post. I'm gonna go have my Abhishek Bachan movie marathon now..Yummyyyyy..