Sunday, October 01, 2006


Double Haikz..

I think I'm like a relationship Laughing Buddha..You know how you rub the tummy of the Laughing Buddha for luck right..It seems almost everyone who comes into contact with me recently are getting attached..And trust me..I'm very happy for all of them..Especially for those who have never looked happier. But a tiny part of me screams,"Not another oneeeeeee!". Now I know I've become some sort of a cynic on the subject of love. But deep down I truly believe in true love. So when I say I'm happy for my friends, I really am. Just that I feel damn blehz..This unrelatable, confusing blehz feeling.

Gotham-ing on Friday with my girls was fun..Bumped into gorgeous Ragi,Sho and Malini..*Waves hello* An almost non-alcoholic night out. But I feel like I'm getting old laa.Knees all aching..Muscles all straining..Kadavuleh.

Okie gtg wallow in my own sorrows..