Sunday, October 08, 2006

I've refrained from posting about Ms Vasantham for a long time..

I can't hold my tongue anymore..

Firstly how the fuck did Ms Tampines 2006-I need to cut my sorry excuse for a fringe-Jamuna get into the finals??? Like seriousllyyy.. She's lucky she has all her Tampines Tiger Girls and Boys voting for her. I see her and all I do see is Ms Tampines. She walks like an elephant,has horrible spoken English and she doesnt seem to understand the concept of the Q&A section. Plus she's the one famous for the 'smile' comment..Bleh.

Then we have the judges..Year after year..I don't understand why Rafi is a judge for a beauty pageant. The only reason I can think of is so he can show off his increasingly puke worthy wardrobe (Leather biker jacket at your age?? Dude..Seriously) and increasingly lighter highlights which by the way would look more suited on a 17 yr old Ah Lian. I understand he might be going through a lil midlife crisis..But do ALL of us across the nation have to witness him going through this crisis..

The host. Another Ryan Seacrest wannabe..Enuff said.

Why the hell is voting $2??? Even Spore Idol was just 60 cents.. 2 freaking bucks leh..I can buy chicken rice if I wasnt on a carbo deficit diet. Where does the money go? What the hell do they do with it?

I just think the producers don't know what they want outta this competition. They want someone who can cross over to other channels..Who can dance..Host..Twist balloons into animal shapes..Make health drinks. And they keep trying to be innovative in too many ways. I don't think the previous Ms V received this much flak from the public. Coz they kept it simple.

Now..Before all you haters start with the how-I-should-go-try-and-see-how-it-feels crap. I've had through my fair share of criticisms from being up on stage. Its not easy I know. But know yourself and your capabilities. Be true to yourself and stop faking.It shows. And learn from your mistakes and never regret your decisions.

With that said..Can I just say I adore Indra..And I hope she wins! She's the only one who seems real and raw and like she actually enjoys being there. *Smiles*