Thursday, October 19, 2006

I probably wont be posting till after

Happy Deepavali to all my fellow bloggers and blogders!!!

Deepavali is stressful.. Extremely stressful. All the baking, cleaning, shopping..Phew. I'm just looking forward to the prawn sambal. Tats the only reason I'm so nice to my mum these days, doing things I usually dont do Eg:HOUSEWORK!!!

Things I don't understand about Deepavali shopping at Tekka:

1) Ppl who ask,'Eh wat you doing here? Shopping ah?' when they very well see you standing in a shop holding various items from the shop. Hello..Then wat am I doing? Giving a speech in the middle of the grocery shop? Same thing when I'm eating at a restaurant.. 'Eh wat you doing here? Eating ah?' *Gives blank look*

2) Why do shops have to blare music from their gigantic speakers? Like seriously. I already have a pounding headache from the crowds.I don't need to hear your very original Machakari remix or Dilamo screeching from the speakers.

3) Why ppl insist on setting up henna booths along the corridors of shops. There's already limited amt of space in Tekka..Now I have to deal with you and your customers blocking the way when I NEED to get to Madras New Woodlands and the fantastic Battura they serve. Yum..

4) Why some women have this need to shadow your every move in an accessories shop.. Its like whatever I touch and eventually place back, there'll be this being picking it up the minute I place it back. Like elllllllllloooo...I have personal space issues..Unless you are a family member or close friend, keep your paws to yourself and try to have some originality.

5) Tiger girls and tiger boys..I don't need to say more do I? *Evil smile*

Wokay wokay..I need to go hang up lights and stuff..

Once again..Happy Deepavali..Don't overeat!! Then again..It IS Deepavali..So carrryyyy on I say..