Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Phew.. Save me from this Deepavali madness..

I don't understand the need to visit Tekka EVERY bloody Sat and Sun.. Whyyyyyyyyy??

Apart from Deepavali madness..I've been busy doing other mundane stuff like grocery shopping, making kuih tarts for a good cause,being depressed etc.

And to Ket..I LOVE your tatoo..LOVE it.. *Drools* Good on you girl..It may take me a while more to get mine done coz of the parentals.I can't hide anything from them..Sigh. But I definately wanna get one done. Definately.

I'm gonna go do my hair again today. Yeah yeah..I know..At this rate, I'll be bald by 30. Bleh..Sue me. I'm depressed and adding chemicals to my hair helps me get through depression.

Yesh yesh..This was another rambling post filled with nothing but drivel.But I cant seem to think straight. I need to run away to a deserted island and drink nothing but Long Island Teas served by ebony hunks wearing next to nothing. Yum.