Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Things some of us women are in denial about..

1) That we need more shoes. No..The 317929084 pairs of shoes stashed all over the house doesnt count. We NEED to have that particular pair of red Aldo shoes.

2) Our boyfriends are perfect creatures. It doesnt matter he's rude to our friends, he leaves the toilet seat up, disrespects our jobs, jokes about our weight..He's perfect.

3) Male friends do NOT wanna jump us. Trust me. All of them have thought about at one point of the friendship. Except for your gay friends, they all wanna jump you. Trust me, they HAVE pictured you naked.

4) Our dress size. Yes yes..We all wanna be a perfect size 10..But we're not. So stop buying clothes in a smaller size in hope that you will miraculously lose the weight overnight. Its a waste of money and everytime you try it on it will still not fit *Gasps*.

5) That what looks good on a friend will look good on you. Girl please. Just because your friend looks good in fire engine red lipstick doesnt mean you would. You may end up looking like the Bride of Chucky.

6) That sexy=revealing outfits. You DON'T have to show tremendous amounts of skin to be sexy. Being sexy is being confident.So how self-confident can you be in a crotch length mini and a bikini top, walking around Orchard Road on a weekend?

7) That we need a man to be validated. You'd be suprised at how the most independant, strong woman can crumble at the very sign that her man is gonna leave. I know of a woman who breaks up with a bf this weekend and would probably have another man in her life the next weekend. Kinda sick how you constantly need a man by your side to prove you're worthy.

8) That we lust after the finer things in life. Don't lie. You secretly DO want that Tiffany's ring riteee.. But just so you don't appear materialistic in front of your man, you'd settle for Soo Kee.

9) That we are always right. Been there..I'm guilty of this. The need to fight your case till the end and not come away the loser. The lengths I've gone just to prove I was right will shock you. Hehe.

Phew.. I can't think of any more.. Can you? Maybe I should do things MEN are in denial abt next..