Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Phew..Deepavali is over..I stuffed myself with sambal prawns. ONLY sambal prawns. Yum.
As you can see from the pics below, I went back to my red roots..Hehe..Every single strand is red. And I walked around Tekka with my newly dyed red hair. Big mistake. Everyone was staring at me like I had another head growing out of my neck. Its red..Deal with it.

As usual, me and my sis started taking self obsessed pics whilst the rest were doing mundane stuff like cooking and cleaning. I was sitting on my lovely swing posing, not knowing what the evil sis was doing behind me. *Evil stare* But I sorta like this pic. I dunno why..But I do.

I was nicely taking a mid afternoon nap in my lovely white sari when Joanne and Jason turned up and ambushed me in my room. Hehhe.I can't help it la. Sleeping on Deepavali afternoon is ritual. And my stupid camera had to malfunction when I wanted to take a pic with these two. Whom btw mean the world to me. *Smiles*

Then the chaos started in the evening around 7pm..When EVERYONE and their mother started turning up. My brother's camp friends, My sister's school mates, My school mates plus my other friends. It was a logistics nightmare. So much so that I had to keep Ganesan and his friend Mark in my room (See pic below!)..Hehe..Though they werent complaining..Hello..Air con..Red wine and a fantastic hostess?? Yesh..You can see the effects of the red wine in the pic below as well. I look damn high right..But I swear I wasnt. Just a tiny bit. *Smiles* A BIG thank you to all my mates who made it to my place. It was bloody nice seeing you guys after a long time. I miss you all already!

So much for Deepavali..It was fun in its own way. But Deepavali always seems anti climatic these days..Like the build up to Deepavali seems more exciting than the actual day. But I still had a bloody good time with everyone who came. Plus I got more alcohol! I dunno why but everyone kept giving me bottles of wine. I even got a bottle of Absolut Kurrant. Yum. Sadly I am no longer an alcoholic bum. I have given up drinking every weekend. I only drink every other weekend. Hahaha.. Joke..Joke!!

So I leave you with my lovely Rangoli which I painstakingly created at an ungodly hour of 7am.. Nice no?

Hope you had an equally happy weekend!

And Selamat Hari Raya to all my Muslim friends!