Friday, August 31, 2007

Okie FINALLY I get to update with pics!! So Wed Sarah,Nikki and myself went for the MAC party for the launch of their new Smoke Signals collection at Club Play..Was okie for a bit but since it was a Wed and all we decided to head to O Bar for a bit till 12ish and Dave decided to join us after work. Was totally fun eating 8inch hotdogs,popcorn and downing yummy B52 shots with the lovelies..
So around 12 my phone started ringing with all the birthday wishes so I headed to the toilet to answer the calls..When I come back to the bar,Sarah was happily taking pics of me on the phone which I tot was weird but why the hell not!! Then she starts taking pics of someone next to me..I turn and there's Dave holding out a cake with the candles lit!!! Awwww..I was super shocked coz someone actually managed to suprise me for once!! I swear I was so close to tears!
And they even got the DJ to announce tat it was my bd and all and requested Tambourine by Eve!!

Finally we have a sexy pic tooooo!! I'll share my popcorn with you ANYDAY baby!!
I laus laus laus this pic..And my lady laus in it too!!Saturday we decided to celebrate my bd at Gotham with the rest of the gang! It felt good being at Gotham after ages! And I got to wear a pretty red dress!
"Balls to you I sayyyyyy" Hehehe..
This one here can dance like no other!! I swear I was blown away by Roger's moves!
You stick yours out...
I'll stick mine out...
Okie fine..We'll both keep it in k?? Hehhee..Lame..I KNOW!!
As you can tell these two got wasted..I dunno why but Im ALWAYS sober on my birthday! And super click happy with the camera!
I love how this pic turned out!
My thouuuuuuuu..How Ive missed being with you..Just you being there for me meant so much. I had an awesome time with you! And thank you for the semi lap dance!! Hehe..
I wanna thank EVERYONE who sent their wishes my way for my birthday! It certainly meant alot! You guys made me feel so loved! And yes..I love using exclamation marks! Makes me feel happy! Hehehe..

The big day is finally here!! Im so excited! So everyoneeeee..Pls come by 9pm before I cut the cake...And PLS wear white!! Fine..Just the top has to be white! Here I go again with the exclamation marks!