Thursday, August 16, 2007

I have been guilty of neglecting my blog..I DO wanna blog but I find it so hard to think at work.So this post is just gonna be random.

*Im so stressed about the chalet..It was just supposed to be a gathering of friends..Now its a production, as how all things associated with me usually turn out..Oh well..I just hope everyone has a smashing time!!

* I love the colour red..And teal

* The relationship laughing buddha effect is back..This time on my guy friends!! I swear!! I dont keep in contact with ppl for just 6 mths and they're either getting married or in rships!! Its amazing really..Makes me wonder.

* Friends change.

* I still think Tyra Banks is super hot.

* I cant wait to chop off my hair tml..Yes Sarah and Priya..I am gonna CUT my hair!! I think I need to provide counselling for these 2 when I cut my hair.

* I actually like my office..Everyone's nice..We get yummy food whenever there's a conference and I work in the same building as my stripper, whom I meet for lunch everyday. Yum no? Hehe..

* I love Chanel Chance!! My new fav scent..

* I wish guys would stop saying 'Oh you must give good blow jobs' when they notice I have a tongue stud.. Grow up or at least grow some brains.. Pffttttt..

* Online shopping is a SERIOUS addiction..I even shop at work!! *Gulps*

* I am addicted to makeup..Seriously. Ask anyone. Ask Sarah what I was doing at her house instead of curling hair or noticing her cute kittens..I was rummaging thru her pigments box!!