Friday, August 24, 2007

Happy Birthday to ME!! Hehehe..Belated of course..I had a blast of a time..Will update with pics soon..But there is a reason for this post..Everyone keeps asking me what I want as a pressie..And their comment grouse is 'You have EVERYTHING so we dont know what to get you!!'

Ballsssssssssssssssssssssss...I dont have EVERYTHING!! Hehehe..So to make their lives easier I have been persuaded to make a list..Which Im finding very hard to come up with coz Im an impulsive shopper. Here goes nothing..

1) A hot guy wrapped in a satin teal bow..*evil smile*
2) MAC vouchers!! Or Tangs vouchers so I can buy more MAC stuff..Heheh..
3) Perfume..Chanel Chance,Elizabeth Arden Provocative Woman,Elizabeth Arden Red Door Revealed..
4) Guess bags..I know i know..Too much rite.Hehe..for my more rich friends to consider.. ;)
5) Clutches..You know I like anything bling!!
6) Ermmmm go read No 7 first..I gotta think..
7) Alcohol's good if you reaaaaaaaallllyyy cant think of anything else..Hehe.
8) A hot guy wrapped in a satin hot pink bow..*evil smile again*

Phew..See tat was hard k..I spent like half an hour thinking..Anyways..You dont HAVE to get me a pressie if you're comin for my party..Just your appearance will do!! Hehe.