Monday, August 20, 2007

So I cut my hair again!! And dyed it again!! I likeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..So I'll let the pics do the talking..(Excuse the excessive cleavage in the 1st pic..Im at work and cant be bothered to edit) ;)
Met Sarah on Sat for some makeup shopping..This woman was soooooooo worried my hair would turn out horrendous..But I think she loved it!! Hehee
We were at Lucky Plaza and decided to meet William for a bit! He started with the Rihanna bit after seeing my hair..Hehe..Sweetness!!

How apt..I WAS carrying an umbrella!! Hehehe
Stop drooling!! OMG this is THA bomb laaa!! Cheese overload is a good thing!!

Sarah wanted me to try out my goodies from MAC..She just likes the porn star-istic effect this lipstick shade gives me!! *evil smile*
Oooooooo lookie what we have here!! Exclusive invites to MAC's Press and Paparazzi Party for the launch of Smoke Signals!!

And the lucky two who got them!!!

With that I bid you goodbye for now coz I have ppl to call at work!!