Thursday, July 27, 2006

I got an interview tml..Am I happy? Hmm..Mixed emotions I guess..I have to give up bumming! But I'll have regular cashflow..

So graduation preparations are on the way..The big day's on 1st Sept and my grad ball is on the following day..I'm more excited about the ball! Speaking of which..I haven even bought my outfits for both. Dammit..See what I mean abt the cashflow..

The weekend was fun..Went to O Bar after a birthday party..Though I'm not a huge O Bar fan, I still had fun with my bestie..Who can't wait for my birthday to come faster..I know..Me too!! I wanna have loads of fun on my bd this year..With my darlings..In a club..Lots of alcohol..Lots of dancing..Lots of love..This year would be the first bd in years I'll be spending as a single hot mama.. And I can't wait!

Oooo..Big news.. Shanker got into SIA!!! Yay..I got a steward friend! I can't wait for the perfume, alcohol and chocolates..Thanks..I deserve it right?? *Stares at Shanker*

Things to do in August:

*Colour my hair (Told ya the red would fade fast)
*Buy an outfit for my birthday
*Get a job (Hopefully!)
*Have a smashing brithday party
*Buy graduation sari
*Plan housewarming cum Sunil's 21st bd party
*Lose more weight
*Find more reasons to smile..