Thursday, July 06, 2006

#1 My ex is : a MFucking bastard of a coward whom I consider non existent in my life..

#2 Maybe I should: Stop shopping..But I can't..Help Me!!

#3 I love : my family and friends..

#4 I dont understand : Men with a capital I-Don't-Understand.

#5 Ive lost : my phone, friends,love,money..

#6 People say Im a(an) : drama queen..I prefer the term princess..Sums it all up..

#7 Love is : painful and sweet at the same time.

#8 Somewhere, someone is : Having sex..Hehehe..

#9 Ive had it with : Men who can't decide what they want..And indian mamas who think they're always right..

#10 Forever is : Not true..

#11 I will always : be who I am..I can't be changing according to your preferences..What you see is what you get..

#12 When I wake up in the morning : I check my phone and go to the gym..

#13 My past is : what I aim to forget..

#14 I get annoyed when : Ppl cancel plans last min..Seriously..I hate it..

#15 Parties are : an essential part of my existence..

#16 My dog is : an imaginary one..

#17 My cat is : playing with my imaginary dog..

#18 Kisses are the best when : they come unexpected..But not from psychos laa..From ya loved ones..

#19 Tomorrow : holds promise..

#20 I really want : earn truckloads of money and get married..

#21 I have low tolerance for ppl who: lie, cheat and abuse women..

#22 I can hate : a world without my family, friends, chocolate and vodka..