Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Ooo everything's aching..That's what I get for thinking I can work out like Superwoman.. But the gym is the only place I have control at.. I know it sounds weird but my life seems soo hmmm..How do I put it.. Aimless..Direction-less..It all boils down to me getting a job. I can't wait to actually start working..Every time a classmate asks me if I've found a job yet, I feel like screaming..Its not like I'm not trying.I've sent out countless resumes and applications..But still nothing.

Urgh..So I spend my days gymming and MTVing and talking on the phone..Fun right??? HELL NO!!! It gets sooooooooooo boring some days I feel like biting my own hand off. Then my sister calls me 'Vetti' on a daily basis, which basically means loafer in Tamil. *Gives sister evil eye* Hello..Its not like I DON'T want to work la.

So on Sat I spent the day tanning against my will at the National Stadium..It was the National Day Parade rehearsal cum Family Day for all the participants..And my very talented brother is one of the Official Presidential Trumpeteers or some shit laa..Hehe..So I had to endure at least an hour of tanning under the scorching sun.Urgh not fun I tell you..Plus no eye candy at all.. Double Urgh..

Me and Joanne came to a conclusion.. I have more male friends than female..Its true.. And its puzzling. Like if I have something exciting to share, the ppl I'd call first would be Joanne, then Saras or Monica, then 2 or 3 close guy friends.. And the ppl I talk to for hours these days all seem to be men. And not the wanting-to-get-it-on-with-me kind of guys.. Just male friends. How come I don't have more female friends!!! I want! Joanne says its coz women are intimidated by me too..Let me explain.. I met this colleague of Joanne's recently and I was being my normal self.And the next day when Joanne asked this colleague how she found me..She went.. "Errr" And Joanne was like "She intimidated you ah?" Hahhahaha..Apparently I was too loud and dominating for her liking.. Oh well..I just hate silences in a conversation, so to compensate I ramble on and on. And my darlings all are used to me so I pretty much carry on. And other women think I'm a snob before they get to know me..And when they do, they're like "You know, I never imagined us to be talking like this..You seemed so snobbish when I used to seeya around" A guy friend told me that too..Sigh.. Its not my fault..Most of the time I walk around dreaming laa. So I don't pay attention to my surroundings. So I don't make alot of eye contact and I don't smile. Sue me..Then again I wouldn want to be around ppl who are gonna be all prim, proper and quiet laa.

Okie..You can tell I have alot of time on my hands.. Long rambling posts, constant Friendster vists..Hehehe.. Oh well..I should enjoy it whilst it lasts right..