Saturday, July 22, 2006

1. Do the following WITHOUT complains
2. Choose 5 person to do this after you completed yours
3. Leave a tag on the person's tagboard to say he/she have been tagged.
4. Start your post with "I have been tagged!" then do this.



Current Mood: Hmm..Post PMSy which means I'm pretty happy..
Current Taste: Carrot Juice.Yum..
Current Clothes: Pink Boxers and my comfy tank top
Current Desktop: Urmm the boring Sony desktop.
Current Toenail Color: A 2 tone purplish gold one from the Face Shop
Current Time: 1.38 p.m
Current Surroundings: My lovely red and orange room
Current Annoyances: Men and figuring out what to wear to a birthday party later..
Current Thoughts: I need to go get my graduation sari..Like ASAP..


First Best Friends: All my dolls from SQPS..Hehehe..Sharmila,Sadat, Ket,Hasnah..Hehe..
First Crush: Hahahaha..This is dumb but it was Rajinikanth..Sigh..I know..I know..
First Movie: I remember! It was some Roger Rabbit movie.
First Lie: Wahhh..How the hell am I to remember? Prob lying abt some after school activity and then running to the playground with my friends..
First Music: Wah Liao..Prob cartoon theme songs..Like My Lil Pony!


Last Cigarette: Urmm months ago at Zouk with my classmates..Blehh never again..
Last Drink: Last Wed's spontaneous Gotham clubbing..Vodka Lime rocks..
Last Car Ride: Last night to watch my sister in her musical..
Last Crush: and current one..My lovely Vikram..*Drools*
Last Movie: Sigh this is sad la.Thiruvilaiyaadal at 3am at my Macs with a friend.Don't ask me why.
Last Phone Call: Nesh at 1.30am..Yawns..
Last CD played: CD ah..Urmm I guess it would have to be my Destiny's Child one.
Last song played: Buttons by PCD! I like..

Have you ever

Have you ever dated one of your best friend: Urmm nope..
Have you ever broken the law: Yeah laa..The whole gum chewing thing..
Have you ever been arrested: *Touchwood* Nooo..
Have you ever skinny-dipped: Not Yet.. *Winks*
Have you ever been on TV: Yeap yeap..
Have you ever kissed someone you don't know: Now.. What is your defination of 'don't know'? Hahahaha..

5 things you are wearing: Pink Boxers, Purple tank, Purple thong, Leave in conditioner,Home made mask.
4 things you done today: Talk on the phone, ate yummy roti prata,made plans for the night,dreamt abt my future..
3 things you can hear right now: Buttons by PCD, The annoying host on the Food Channel, My mum asking me if I want lunch..
1 thing u do when you're bored: Shop..

I am supposed to tag 5 people, so1) Ragi2) Azie3) Ja4) No body else blogs anymore!!!