Sunday, July 02, 2006

Never mix tequila, vodka and wine.. NEVER..

Lets just say I got acquainted REAL well with Gotham's toilet bowl..Urgh..Never again..

And with a bloody hangover I woke up early and rushed to Raffles City coz I promised to accompany Shankar to his interview..

Yes..Shankar went for the SIA air steward interview!! I kept telling him he had to go coz I seriously think the guy can make it..I ended up waiting 4 hrs for him to get done.. He got thru the 1st round..And then he called me to say he didn't get thru the 2nd interview round. I was upset coz I seriously thought he could make it..Then the idiot shows up in front of me and casually hands me a piece of paper.. He made it through!!! Yay..I have a potential air steward friend..Who better not forget me once he flies the friendly skies..Or get too big headed for his own good..I'll come to the airport and kick your ass..And yes.. If you could intro me to your hot, not-gay fellow stewards, tat'll be good too..Thanks..

I've also been shopping alot..Esp at Mango which is having a mega sale..I couldn help but grab stuff..*shakes head* i'll never stop shopping...Its in my blood..

Have I mentioned I'm depressed.. I'm in mourning and I hate the French..My poor Samba boys!!! *Sobs and Wails* How can like thissssssssssssssssssss???? The whole day I moped around in my house..Then I decided going to the gym might help..But all the trainers were wearing jerseys and everytime I saw a Brazil one I got all sad..So I tot shopping would help..But I was just walking around aimlessly..I couldn concentrate.. Why Brazil.. Whyyyyyyyy??? Sigh..

Urgh.. On top of that I lost a bet coz Brazil lost..10 shots lehhhh...I will DIE!!! I will be lying in a corner of the club..dead to the world..*shudders at the thought of alcohol*

I'm gonna go be depressed now..