Tuesday, May 23, 2006

7 Things That Will Scare Me
1. Failing exams
2. Losing loved ones
3. Weight gain
4. Drowning
5. Being alone in this world
6. Becoming blind
7. Not being able to access my make up!!

7 Things I Like The Most
1. My family
2. My lovely friends
3. Dance
4. Books
5. Vodka (Or Long Island Tea!)
6. My new room
7. Travelling

7 Most Important Things In My Room
1. My lovely new princess bed!
2. Laptop
3. My Candles and aromatheraphy oils
4. Make Up (I have WAY too much)
5. My clothes (Also WAY too much)
6. My shoes (Yes yes..WAY too much)
7. My sister (Awww...yeah..she's important..and she shares my room)

7 Random Facts About Me
1. I like attention..Hey who doesnt?
2. I think I'm a princess
3. I'm born on a cusp..23rd Aug..Leo/Virgo

4. I think with my heart more than my head
5. I pierced my belly button
6. I am a huge ass Beyonce worshipper.
7. I can club till 7am, sleep for just 3 hours and still go to school/work after that and function.

7 Things I Plan To Do Before I Die
1. Have kids.. Twins preferbly!!
2. Holiday in Mauritius
3. Meet Vikram..And drool all over his shirt..Hehe

4. Be Beyonce's back up dancer..Hehe..
5. Buy a huge ass house for my mummy..
6. Get a tattoo..
7. Own my own business

7 Things I Can Do
1. Dance

2. Drink 10 tequila shots and not get high
3. I take instructions well
4. Study
5. I can be very good at sarcasm
6. Interior design!! Hehe..
7. Bake yummy cookies, brownies and cakes

7 Things I Can't Do
1. Swimming..Major phobia
2. Drink beer..Disgusting stuff
3. Sing.I am super tone deaf..You should hear me sing Fallin..
4. Housekeeping- I am THAT lazy
5. I can't seem to say NO to alot of people..
6. Drive..Another major phobia
7. I can't seem to shut up some times..

7 Words I Say The Most
1. Bloody hell
2. Basket!
3. Pandi la you..
4. Fuckin Hell..
5. Yeah right..
6. Men..Followed by a sigh..
7. Wah liao eh..

7 Celeb Crushes
1. Vikram
2. Beyonce
3. Sean Paul
4. Will Smith
5. Craig David
6. Ciara
7. Madavan