Monday, May 29, 2006

Body Shop fans!!! Till Wed, shower gels are goin 2 for $12.90... Body butters and scrubs are also at $12.90 each..previously $28.90...Cassis rose and moonflower body mist at $10.90!!

Go buyyyyyyyyyyyyy..Till Wed only.. I already spent like 90 bucks..But sooo bloody worth it laa.. I love smelling like fruits! I was like drooling at Body Shop till Joanne had to pull me away.. The woman didnt let me go near any shoes at all in Orchard!! Or bags..I only ended up buying Body Shop stuff and undies at Tangs.. Oooo..Undies goin at 2 for $9 at Tangs.. Damn nice..Brands like Bonds and Triumph..

Oooooooo.. GSS.. I like!!!