Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Blehhh.. I am SO uber bored.. It has only been 2 days since I've officially started bumming and I'm already bored outta my mind. Been goin out alot though. Monday was my DPP interview and I have to say it pretty much rocked..Haha..I loved my pointy toed C&K shoes though.. Super slutty, dominatrix interview shoes!! Headed to Sizzler's with the gang and KTVed the night away..

And today, Derek brought us to his club for lunch..Ooooo.. The desserts there were awesome! They had jackfruit crumble..Sounds weird rite..But its heavenly!! Mmmmm..

God help all the women.. I don't know if its me but havent ya noticed a rise in annoying men? Men who are indecisive..Men who are immature..Men who get a sadistic thrill out of hurting women..Men who never say what they REALLY wanna say coz it may affect their image as a macho man.. Hmph..

Oh well..