Friday, May 11, 2007

I've had a pretty good week so far..I caught Spidey 3 on tues with my new movie kaki Will..This guy cracks me up laa..He's a really good companion esp when you're feeling like crap! And no..He is NOT my bf..Sheesh..Everytime I post a guy's pic up some anon creep will see fit to make a lame ass comment..Pffftt

On Wed I met my Sarah laus for a pampering pedicure session at
Nails@LacquerRoom at Vivo..I loved the place! As usual I got a variation of my hot red.I swear having red nails makes you feel sexified laa..Hehe..And the prices are reasonably cheap too..Then as usual we couldnt resist shopping a lil..I swear I am in love with that Nichii shop at Vivo! Dresses at 26 bucks!

Thurs my poor Sarah was on MC so me and Hema went over to keep her company..I made peanut butter brownies the day before and these 2 were already droolin online when I told them so I brought some over..It melted on the way over coz its the non-baking kind..But still yummy..So they said..Even Snuggles the cat enjoyed it! Hehe..It was fun bitching and webcam whoring with these 2..

And today I had an interview at 9am..*crosses fingers* Everyone pray for me k?? Hehe..And since I havent posted any self obsessed camwhoring pics recently..Here's one with my sister's hot new glasses..*evil smile*