Friday, May 25, 2007

What's better than spending a Tuesday afternoon at Sentosa?? Spending it with the Baramundis!!!

Me and the laus..

Sarah at her most unglam..Hehehe..Auntie auntieeeee..

It had to rain like mins after we settled ourselves near Cafe Del Mar..So out came Sarah's umbrella!! Hehe..So we took the tram to Palawan beach and decided to go eat at Samundar Indian Fusion restaurant..Yummy lamb and cheese!! Mmmm..

And of course I had to indulge in a cocktail..Tequila Sunrise..Mmmmm..

And of course, the bloody garnish had to fall off mid sip and Sarah just happened to be snapping away..Hmphhh

The we decided to cross the bridge and lepak at the top of one of the towers..What's not to love..Bacardi Breezers and Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream..Singing 'En Chella Peru Baramundi'..Bitching abt men in general..Coming to the conclusion we cant live with them but we cant live without them as well..Pffftt..

I didn plan on going into the water but the minute I put one tentative foot in,I knew I had to!! Here's where the story goes a lil crazy..I was wearing a bikini top under my spaghetti strap top and I was NOT planning to take it off..Like hello?? Its me you're talking abt..A woman with self esteem issues..But Sarah dared me once we were in the water..And so I did!!! I felt so liberated..Like screw the world..I know Im not your typical slim-bikini-wearing babe..But who the hell cares laa..You live once..*Snaps to Sumi* Hehehe..Then I dared Sarah to take her top off..And she did!! Sleeveless for the 1st time! *Snaps to Sarah* So all you haters can take your comments and stuff them where the sun dont shine!! We are women so hear us roar!!! Hehe

I had an awesome time with the Baramundis and Lilah who joined us after a while..I love Sentosa!!! Cant wait for the next time!