Monday, May 07, 2007

Heyaaa.. Been travelling to JB almost everyday..Coz my darling grandmother was rushed to the hospital coz she had difficulty breathing..Sigh..It was painful to see my normally full of life grandmother lie in bed a shadow of her former self..But thankfully she's getting better. *Prays*

Other than that, I had an interview at Bugis last week. I swear Sarah was more excited than me coz she works in Bugis too! I would have a lunch kaki for life! And I'll prob be broke ALL the time coz we would be shopping all the time. Had a fantastic dinner with her and Hema at Clarke Quay..Baramundis!!! *Inside joke*

I know this has been a boring post..But I lost the mood to blog. But I'll be back soon..reallll soon k my lovelies..