Sunday, May 20, 2007

Weeeeeeeee...Another fun filled weekend!! My Baramundis needed a day out desperately so we decided to meet on Thursday..Pre drinks at Harry's where I had my very first Mojito..And then sheesha at Sahara whilst we waited for Chillies to open..Yummm..Cherry flavoured! Finally Stan came to open Chillies where we had complimentary rum and chocolate milk shots! Hehe..I'll let the pics do the talking..

I know I look bloody wasted in most shots..But I swear I wasnt even high..I just look naturally wasted..*Grin*

Lilah,My laus and Me!! Alco babes..Hehehe.

She's one of my constants..*Muacks*

Awwwwww..You should really hear her pronounce Baramundi..Hehe

The Baramundis!!!
The DJ who plays my 'Sexy Love' song which makes me happy..
Lesbian lovinnnnnsss..

Friday I had planned to meet the lovely Priya and gang..We went to Harry's for pre drinks..I swear I've tried almost all the cocktails at Harry's..I LOVE the Long Island Ice Tea and the Bellini there..*Drools* After which we headed to Chillies to chill and wait for Nesh to finish work..We ordered 15 shots..Okie I didnt down ALL 15..But still,I got excited by the sight of 15 shots on the tray! After tat we headed to N9..Yesh Naughty 9.I know..I know..I had no choice..But I swear after the bottle of vodka I got in touch with my tamilachi side and started dancing with Gayatri who I met after a LONG ass time. The night ended with breakfast at McD and I finally hit the sheets at 7am..

I got 3 hrs of sleep before realising I overslept and missed my threading class..Sowwie Sarah laus.. I had planned to meet the fellow IBM gang for bowling..But we were too lazy to walk over to Chevrons from JE so we ended up playing pool instead! Hehe Kanz was our pool guru coz the rest of us just sucked at the game..But it was loads of fun what with the camwhoring,indian songs blasting from Ket's phone and random spewing of Tamil vulgarities..

I then met the gang to catch the match at Chjimes..Not many ppl know this but I is a closet Chelsea fan coz of their manager..I swear his arrogance is SUCH a turn on. Priya shares my secret as well so we were both secretly cheering Chelsea on amongst the sea of Man U fans..I swear both Nesh and Sobban got SO upset when Chelsea scored and sealed the deal. Their faces just dropped.I guess the only time I will feel such disappointment is if and when MAC decides to close down..*Shudders and touches wood*

I sooooo need sleep..