Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Yes..My comp managed to do it again.. Die on me when I needed it the most..So I went out and bought a brand new laptop!! Some Sony Vaio model..Which is pretty cool coz of its integrated web cam on the screen..Ppl, esp men, have been so excited once they notice I have a webcam and keep initaiting to view it.. What do I do??? Run for the nearest mirror, comb my hair and accept fate that I don't look as glamourous as I do all the time. At home, I become Nerd Chick, complete with greasy hair, oversized T-shirts and spectacles. So in order not to produce simultaneous heart attacks across Singapore, I give these men advance warning about how I DON'T look like my Friendster pics on webcam.


The most pressing issue in my life now has to be my renovation works in my house. Sigh.. All I wanted was my Indian-chic room with tones of orange and red..But now the entire house is being dug up and my entire family of 5 is living in one room..Can you imagine? I can't even find clothes let alone be fashionable..Sigh..

Speaking of fashionable, I have my company's D&D to go to on Friday..The theme works to my advantage.."Bollywood Sensation".. I decided to create a new outfit out of an old halter top I have and new net material which I'm going to buy soon. I could wear a boring sari but noooooo, I have to put myself through the headache of getting an entire outfit ready by Friday.. The things I do..

I know I owe ya all a KL post.. Will be up soon with pics once I upload them onto my laptop. But KL did rock! It was sooooo much fun!

Okie..Loud drilling sounds pounding at my temples..