Monday, March 06, 2006

The weekend was fun and all.. Spent Friday at Michelle's place after a LONG time with Rekha.. Had lots of fun catching up and of coz watching the infamous 'L' word series..Hahahaha.. Lesbianism and me..

Fri was also the start of the nonsensical phone calls and smses from the toad. Seriously dude.. Move on.. This is MY blog.. I write what I want.. And I didnt name names in any of my posts so if you're that insecure I suggest you seek help.. And stop threatening me.. Its so sad that you have to show your macho-ness to a girl..Seriously.. Get a life..

On to happier things that happened, Joanne and me ended up in Gotham yet again on Sat, even after countless claims that we need to give Gotham a rest..Hahaha. Hey good music and free flow of vodka never hurt anyone! Then I stayed over and went to church the next day.. Forgiveness was the subject..Can I ever forgive?? I just have so much anger and hurt.. All I wanna do is scream. But I have to admit I feel so much happiness nowdays. I spend alot more time with people whom matter- my friends and family.

Sigh.. On to my reports again.. I wanna go shopppppppppppp in KL!!! Countdown starts!!