Thursday, March 30, 2006

Yes..I know..You can't really see what I was wearing in the last post.. Not to worry..I just got the pics from the D&D from my office last night..

Actually I just wore this sparkly top Ms Joanne James gave me which was black and hot pink.. And I went and bought sparkly black net material from Arab St..Plus the paavadai was this pink satin one I had stiched for a previous sari.

I basically started out tying the sari you would normally do.. Only thing was instead of draping it Gujerati style in front, I just slung it over one shoulder, duppata style.. Hehehe.. When you're desperate for an outfit..Miracles happen. The they gave me this glitter tattoo which I placed near my boob...Sigh..What a mistake..Everyday at work this week, people have been calling me Tattoo Girl..

I can't wait for the IBM!! Sighhh..June..Hopefully I would have gotten a job by then.. Hopefully!! I finish exams in May..But I just ABHORE job hunting.. ALl my friends in SIM have started applying for jobs and attending interviews.. Me?? I'm like the super relaxed-not bothered-whatever happens happens person.. Sigh..

Oooo.. I don't mind mini makeovers!! But can I get creative with the colours?? Like purple?? Or green?? Seriously..I think those eyeshadow colours rock.. Ket would get purple I think.. and ThugChic..Hmmm.. Green and gold.. I know Ambi rocks in blue.. Hmmmmm..

Oooo...Oprah.. Gtg be envious of the woman.. Toodles!!