Sunday, October 19, 2008

Halloween's coming! I cleverly bought 2 capes this year coz I bought this cape (pictured below) first and then fell in love with a shorter one 2 days after! (No Im NOT going as a devil!) So Im letting this cape go at $15 (negotiable)..I JUST bought it at $19.90 so I think its a steal..Its made of a satiny material and is shiny..Plus the collar has a black lace overlay which makes it just a lil bit more special..Hehehe..So if anyone is interested or if you know anyone who might be interested, email me at

Random pics of makeup Ive bought, taken pics of and never uploaded from months ago! Pigments from Pure Luxe..Always a joy to receive coz they look so pretty and glittery!

With flash..
My favourite loose powder at the moment..Chacott..Much raved about powder which I just had to try..And its reallly really good at oil control and helps set my makeup. Its HUGE too..This is the 170gm one which cost about 20 bucks..

See how huge it is in comparison to my MAC es! I will never need to buy loose powder again! My new HG shampoo and conditioner! I was gonna buy the Redken shampoo and conditioner at this shop in JE when the sales asst recommended this range to me..Kerasys, a Korean brand. I decided to get it coz it was only 8.90 each and it wouldn kill me to try different brands..Holy shit..This range is the bomb! My hair has never been softer and smoother! And my hair is seriously damaged la..After all the years of bleaching, dyeing, rebonding and perming! I got the Repairing range which totally rocks my socks..I love the smooth, soft feeling!
Pictures from our date at Oosh..Yummy champagne cocktails!
Holy eyebags!!!! Bleh..Though I would like to think that that situation is under control now..Considering this pic is about 2 mths old.

Happy happy us! Why???

Coz we just had awesome North Indian food at Khansama! *drools*

The bf being all interested in my Speed Typing notes..

The 'Where's my food plus I hate Tekka' look..But still yummy looking! *grin*
I spy Sumi in the Oakleys..

And oh yes..Im gonna go see RIHANNA in concert!! Woooo Hoooooooooo!!! Cant freaking wait!!! Everybody now..Ella ella ellaa eh eh eh!!! *jumps up and down like an excited bunny*