Saturday, August 16, 2008

After much harrassment from ALOT of ppl..Here'ssssssss Sumi! Hehehe.. Took a day off to spend time with the bestie..Shopping at Vivocity followed by yummy cocktails at Cafe Del Mar..

Of course various makeup shots..Pls excuse the HUMUNGOUS pimple on the forehead..PMS is a bitch..

Razia turned 26!!! We had a celebration for her at Tangos at Holland V..I was dead tired coming after work as you can see from the pics..
Sung and her famous shitting pose!Ive been indulging in ALOT of makeup shopping! These babies below were usually 22 bucks a piece but I got them at half off from this shop called the Makeup Artist Shop in Central Mall, Clarke Quay..LOVE LOVE LOVE the shades and intensity!

Then I had to get my MAC fix courtesy of the darling boy!!
My fav new loves! Sea & Sky and Love Connection!
Random camwhoring moments..

Ooooooo what can this contain???
Still blur??
My NYX haul from Cherry Culture!!!! 0.99 USD each! How cheap right?? And trust me, these are not cheap quality ones..The texture and color payoff is amazing! I ordered like another 5 more which havent arrived yet..*Beams*
Ive been busy as usual with work considering my only other producer is leaving leaving me in charge of ALL the conferences..At least till we hire someone else in DECEMBER! *Faints* So I have no time..Or rather no energy to socialise..It really sucks but by the time I finish with work, all I wanna do is just go home and sleep. Which also explains why 90% of my shopping is online shopping!

I gtg watch SATC Season 3 now..I know..Super late right..But whatever..