Wednesday, July 02, 2008

So lets get the serious business out of the way first. Went for my specialist checkup at NUH-Colorectal Clinic yesterday and I wont deny I was nervous as hell. So basically the doctor needs to do 2 scopes during my surgery coz she's not entirely convinced that its a simple case. Mainly coz my symptoms are pointing to another direction. Sigh..All I can do now is pray that its not anything serious like cancer. I also wanna thank all the lovelies who msged me before, during and after my appt-Vijay,Joanne, Rajah,Nithya,Kanz,Ambiga and Ket..Your words were of much comfort. Anywayyyyyyyyyssss...On to the pictures! I havent camwhored in SO long.So when i got my new makeup samples, I just had to!

I guess that's it for now..