Monday, June 23, 2008

Wow..2 posts in a week! What IS the world coming to??? Just a recap post with pics as usual..Sooooo on the 6th June, it was a sorta anniversary for Vijay and myself..Hehehe kinda corny but it was really sweet. So he made reservations at Mezza9 at Hyatt, a restaurant I was dying to go to!

As usual, I had my champagne!
Oooooo yummy crabcakes for starters..OMG even the bread was so yum! Esp the sauce that it came with..

Totally random shot of the boy when the food came..He looks so angelic..Awwww

Then he started pondering about....

Where to start!!!! This was the infamous $145 seafood platter!!! And boy was it good! The lobster was soooooo fresh and orgasmic..*drools*
And then Vijay suprised with me with an Ipod Nano! So sweet right..He understood my need for music on the go..*googly eyes*
See what I mean about the sight blocking bangs..

And one for the album

Last Sat I was invited to one of Maersk's rig naming ceremony as Vijay's guest. And it was quite an experience..
Maersk's bouncers..
Dont we just lurveeeeee red!
Shanu and Nisha!

I truly count my blessings for having this boy in my life..Not to be all sappy, but in the past months, Vijay has been such a pillar of strength and support. He can tell when Im just a tiny bit down from just the way I say 'Hello' on the phone. And he will come all the way to see me for 10 mins just to make me feel better. Coz he's my darlingggggggggggg! *insert sappy googly eyed Sumi*

Okie I need to go catch up on my sleep now..Take care my lovelies..