Thursday, June 19, 2008

Finally.. I've got the time and the MOOD to blog. ;) As usual, Ive been busy with work and spending what little time I have with the boy on Saturdays. Sundays I stone at home in front of the tv watching back to back episodes of CSI. Ive also finished watching Seasons 1-3 of How I Met Your Mother online and am now starting on Ugly Betty Season 2 and Samantha Who..Ahh the joy of just vegging infront of the lappie in my pjs.
As you can see, I have BANGS! Its a refreshing change and I love it..though its a lil long now and I keep peering from under my bangs at ppl..Pretty creepy..hehehe
Joanne and me pre O Bar clubbing after ages! It was soooooooo much fun hanging out with her and gettin high! We had soo many B52 shots plus vodka redbull jugs. Yum!
Which explains the happy high pics..These days, Ive taken to exploring new places to hang out with the Vijay. We tend to gravitate to places with yummy food and equally yummy ambience. We lurveeeeeeedd Timbre at the Arts House!
Yes..One MUST camwhore a whole bunch before leaving the house.

Which continues in the cab
The food was sooooooooooo good! The pizza was one of the best Ive had..Ive been on a recent champagne kick which explains the bellini which has replaced my loyal vodka redbull.

Ohhh and we had the most amazing evening at Sentosa a mth ago..Just the 2 of us on the beach with yummy Chilean wine and great conversation. Just perfect. *smiles like a loon*
And this pic is to prove that yes..I am a nerd..Ive always been proud of my nerd like abilities. Actually I just wanted to show off my red lippie.. ;)

I have tons of photos to upload..But Im just plain lazy. I go home after work and I just wanna sleep. Andddd who else lurves Po??? I lurve Po!!!!!! If you dont know what Im talking about then you obviously haven watched Kung Fu Panda!!! *does a karate chop cum flying kick*

On a more sombre note, I have to go see a specialist at NUH for a colon scope in 2 weeks. Sigh..Ive been yelled at my all my nearest and dearest for not taking better care of my health and for ignoring all the tell tale signs. And Im shit scared (excuse the pun). But Im praying its nothing too serious. ;)

Now off to work!