Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Im exhausted..Mentally and physically..But its a good kind of tiredness..If you know what I mean. I cant complain about life at the moment..Except that I would appreciate a few more hours added in a day! On to the pictures..Went to Arena 2 weeks back coz Danny was back from Goa.I was so jealous when I saw the gorgeous pics! I wanna go Goa too!!
The things we do in poor Danny's car..

I stole him away early that night..*evil wink*

Arena seriously rocks our socks..
The extremely longggggggg ciggie break
Stuck between the boys..
The week before we had gone to O Bar..For..Ermm just coz we wanted to la!!
My classic dance pose..
You Sure..You Want..You Dare?? Hehehe
Silly us..
He loves his cousin SO much! Hehehe
Our 24 B52s!! You add 2 vodka red bull jugs to that..And you get..
One very happpppppyyyyyyyyyy Sumi!

Where my naughty girls at!!
Caught candid!
My gym kaki!
I was tired..Sweaty..Had messed up hair..But I was happy..It certainly was an emotional day..
The whole gang at O Bar..
Last Sat, we decided to watch a movie in town..But we obviously had to camwhore first!
Went to watch American Gangster with Vijay, Sung,Simran and Feroz..
It was one of the rare occassions where both of us spent alone time together! And it was good! *blush* Just walking around town, having coffee, window shopping..Sometimes its the small things that make me the happiest!

I cant wait for the beach next week! Its been so bloody long. Though I have NO plans of suntanning like Sung and Simran! Sigh..Back to work!