Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Happy New Year everyoneeeee!! I got promoted at work so Ive been super busy with my conferences and all..I do apologise for not being able to update as much as I would like to..I will try my darn-est to post at least once a week k? On to the pics..We celebrated Christmas Eve at The Arena..which by the way is THA bomb! OMG I love the place, the band and the music..Super rockin place!
Me and Razia

The starry one and myself

You gotta love her faces..
So since we had SUCH a great time at the Arena on Xmas..We decided to party there on NYE as well. It was so much fun. Though I missed Vijay and Priya badly coz they couldn make it out that day.

Pre drinking at Sung's place! Bailey's love!
We gotta have a tongue sticking out pic!
God this pic is hilarious..See if you can spy with your lil eye a lil Razia somewhere.
I love my NYE dress!
I cant help but peek down her Bebe top!
Addicted to false bling bling eyelashes!
The camwhoring continues in the cab!
Went to meet my laus and Lilah at Fashion Bar for a bit..
The two who ushered in 2008 with me at The Arena!
Introducing Bam Bam ya' all!!! Hehehe..*evil wink*
Getting funky with the party pack!
I miss Vijay and Priya..Sob sob
We pose a lil..We drink a lil..We dance a lil..Repeat as needed.
Super lame ass pic..
My thou came!!! Poor thing couldn get through my phone coz the network was down and almost went back! Thank god I managed to call her!
My laus and Lilah came to The Arena JUST for me!! Cho Chweeeeeeeeet!
I want countless more NYE with all my girls
Me and Sung headed to Gotham for abit after Arena..And I finally reached home around 5am..Happy and contented..But I would have felt happier if the other 2 were around. But it was still a blast!

God Ive been gymming my ass off after work these days..And I haven had time to see any of my lovelies..Which SUCKS. But Im finally gonna see my laus on Friday coz its our 1 year anniversary!!! Corny I know..But I cant believe one whole year has passed by..At the same time I cant believe its ONLY been a year since I got to know this lil gem. *smiles*

Okie back to work..You guys will be glad to know that with my promtion..I now work 9-6 instead of 10-5..Sniff sniff..I HATE morning traffic!