Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I have WAY too many pics and TOO lil time to sort them all out and post..Soon k? Very soon..I have been too busy at work and with life in general.

I miss Sarah!! She left for India abt a week ago and will only be back in a week's time. God its been difficult without her. *Big Sigh*

You know that feeling where you feel so suffocated by your surroundings you just wanna run away and never come back?

That feeling where you have so many things on your mind at once that you literally feel like reaching in and pulling your brains out?

That feeling where your heart is so heavy you feel like deflating it so that you suffer just a lil less?

That feeling where when people ask you what's wrong you have no answer at all?

That feeling where the only way out is to walk into the darkness and never come out?


Lucky you.