Monday, November 05, 2007

I could blog about all my haters and how funny I find it that YOU are dedicating so much time and energy talking about ME..Its creepy how I have suspicions that you guys are probably refreshing my page every 10 secs hoping to see if I have posted..

BUT I am TOO happy to even bother about all these dimwits. I had the most awesome week..*blush* And Im happy..After a long time..Im truly happy. So all these words are just dust off my shoulders..You cant handle a plus sized girl dressing up and having fun? Tats YOUR own narrowminded, 'only skinny girls look good', point of view. And I dont care too much for it. Love me or hate me..Its STILL an obsession.

Goodness..Deepavali is just like 3 days away and I haven done ANYTHING yet! *bites nail* Ive been too busy with makeup assignments,photoshoots and the pageant. Thank god I took a half day last week to just zone out. Went for a Javanese massage with Vijay. OMFG it was awesome! We both felt SO good after they got done with us. I didn want to leave! Then we went to colour Vijay's hair..How hot is he in gold streaks..Yum..I likeeeeeee!! After which we had a very interesting evening at Holland V with Sung and Roger.. *smiles and giggles like an idiot* Life is pretty much perfect these days. Although I am dead tired when I come home everyday, I sleep with a content smile on my face. And nobody can take that away from me.

Back to work now!