Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Happy belated Diwali!!! Phewwwwwwww...What an exhausting week!! But I had so much fun with all the lovelies! Warning..MAJOR picture overload..
Yes I did dye my hair again!! I loveeeeeee all the colours in my hair..God knows I had no say in it..And I think my sis looks pretty darn good in white!

OMG..OMG..OMG..Saras is backkkkkkkkkkk..I missed her like crazy..we were like two lil kids screamin and hugging each other when we saw each other!! I love the fact that she's back!

And I love the fact that the 3 of us finally took another pic together!! Plllssss can we go watch tamil padam together soon!

Everyone headed straight for my bed in my room..I wonder why.. *evil smirk*
OMG its Sassychix on my bed!! Im never washing my bedsheet!! Hahahaha..*runs away before she gets a good beating*

Vijay..Roger..Me and Priya..Yes..we substituted Pooh for Vijay coz ermm..They both have red shirts??? Hahhaa

Whats a Deepavali pic without my swing in it??

See what I mean..

The very WRONG pic...Hahaha..I was happily snapping away..And caught Priya staring at..erm..Vijay?? Hahahaha..Or rather Vijay's nether regions..Hahahahah..Hilarious balls!!

The hot lecturer..The blonde..The blushing bride to be!!

Sarasiiiiii's getting marrieddddddd..She has the whole kalyana kalai thing going on!!

Your choice of poison? This year's alcoholic menu included..Vodka cranberry/red bull..Margaritas..Malibu and Pineapple and good ol' beer.. *evil smile*

Skippy and Squishy!! We need a theme song Skippy!

Lee the blind bartender! Hahahaha..Call me Nair somemore laa!
I loved my Deepavali!! Thank you!!
The next day was supposed to be a sedate recovery day from Diwali..But evil temptors and temptresses in the form of Vijay and Sung had me dressing up and heading to Clarke Quay! We headed to Fashion Bar first for drinks with Sarah,Lilah and Nicole..I love the F Bar's decor!
The hot nerd..

As you can see..they dont call me a camwhore for nothing..Everyone else is minding their own business but I am always camera ready!!!
Pina colada rocks my world..So do these two! *licks*
Raymus REALLY wanted to be in the shot no matter wat..
Then it was off to O bar to party with Sung, Roger and Sung's mother!!!! Her mom is SO happening laaaaaaaaa...And she gives the bestest advice too!
The usual group shot..
This is what happens when you have pina coladas..vodka red bull..B 52 and Sex on the beach shooters..You become EXTREMELY happy! Hahaha
The boys and the hot mama!!
She happily bought us 2 rounds of these shots!!! And countless other jugs!
Mr 'I Wont Dance Unless Im High'..Miss 'I Dont Care,You Better Dance With Me' And Mrs 'Shake That Booty'
This is one of the MANY pics I dont remember being taken..Go figure..
Saturday was Vanessa's 21st Bollywood themed birthday party!! Happy belated bday babe!
See..We were just innocently taking pics and having fun when the MC decided it would be fun to drag unsuspecting souls to the stage and make them dance to a hindi song! And Sung saboed me and Roger!! Basket!!
But Roger was SO good laa..He did the whole Bollywood thing!!
Vanessa sent me a video clip of this dance as well..Which is NEVER to be seen by anyone else!
All the S's!! Sarah..Sumi..Shoba..Sung!!

We had to leave her party around 9ish coz we had to be at Blackjack for the Sinful Nite party..As usual VIP baby!! Hehe..
The Miss India Singapore team!
Sunday was the 1st quarter finals for the Ms IS pageant..By the time I got done with all the makeup and hair I felt super flu like..But I stayed on coz Sarah was also one of the judges and I had to support her!!
The sick chicken with Ms Lickable and Mr Lee..

So after alllllllllll that..I am now sick!! *sniff sniff* But I NEED to get better by Friday..Coz we're celebrating Priya's bd!! And Sat I have to be the receptionist at one of my poly friend's church wedding!! So exciting!! Okie off to do some actual work now..