Monday, October 15, 2007

Selamat Hari Raya!! Belated!! Hehehe..Had an awesome time at Sarah's place! She looked so pretty in blue! *licks*

In the cab on the way to Sarah's place..The camwhoring starts..

Everyone loves Sumi??? Hehhee..

Preyaz..My Laus..Me and Lilah!!

Sarah will start taking pics when we were shamelessly whacking the food..Which btw was off the charts!

Check out Vijay's face!! Dont interrupt the man whilst he's busy stuffing his face! Hehehehe..

Group Pic time!! I laus it!

Then I went over to Sung's place to get ready for her birthday celebrations!! We headed to Hard Rock for dinner and pre drinks and O Bar for our usual nonsense! I love love love my makeup and hair!!

My Birthday Star and Me!!

Shamelessly camwhoring in her room..

The 4 of us in Sung's room..

I HAD to be stuck between these two in the cab!! Tsk tsk..All the squealing and screaming!!

This lil one made me laughhhhhhhh and laughhhhhhh with her aircon joke and her random squeals also..Simran went a lil cam happy at O Bar..Evidence below..

I asked for the staff to suprise Sung with a dedication and a birthday mudpie!! She was so shocked!

Camwhoring whilst Sung was getting drunk!

Mr Roger and Me!

Bloody idiots..Making out in front of me..Hence the middle finger of jealousy..

So I decided to have fun of my own with Ms Kissable..Hehe

But I know my hotstuff loves me the most!!

It was a nice shot till I realised 2 extras at the back!!
So I asked them to scram!!!

Alcohol makes us do weird things...And yes Simran takes strangely nice pics under the influence..

Why am I looking down in half these shots??? Hehehe..But I like this grp pic!
Seeeeee...Simran takes artistically nice pics!!
Yet another GREAT weekend!!! I had tons of fun! Sung,I reallllly hope you had a blast DESPITE getting drunk at 9pm!! *evil stare* Hehehe..And I hope you liked the Playboy Zippo!!