Thursday, October 25, 2007

I'm in another random mood..So you get a random post..

*Why is it that ppl seem to blatantly copy what other ppl do? SHAMELESS I say..

*Scars can be fun -evil wink-

*I cant bloody wait for Halloween on Sat!!! Im in lurveeeeeeeeee with my costume!

*I know I owe alot of ppl dinner dates..Sorryyyyyyy..Been really busy and all..Soon my lovelies!!

*Im in dire need of some hair TLC-pats hair..soon my love..soon-

*Im in love

*With my red lipstick..Hahaha..Gotcha..

*Im in lust

*With my thigh high boots -wink-

*Ive had it with men who cant seem to form a proper sentence as an introduction on Friendster. "Can I make frenship with you" is NOT gonna get you anywhere!! So is "I like your breasts/ass/toe cleavage"

*I still enjoy Facebooking..For now.

*I'm making more female friends..I like!!

*I didnt realise friends actually say remarks like 'The reason Sumi cant get men is coz she has no boobs'..If you're reading this..You should know that that pissed me off. Coz I considered you a friend. Friends dont say shit like this abt friends.

*And on the same note..If you have something to say to me..Come say it to ME..Dont get your bf to come talk to my guy friend. Kinda stupid right? What? You want the men to fight out your battles? You find some kinda cheap thrill in that? I can fight my own battles thank you very much.

*I love my weekends!

*I laus Joanne..Sarah..Vijay..Priya..Sung..Roger. Very much..

*Halloween costume shopping with Sung was the bomb! Hilarious I tell you..

*Im super happy that Vijay landed his dream job. Fitness First has never looked this good!

*I like fruit tea.

*Can you tell Im excited for Halloween!!!