Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Halloweeeeeeeennn!! Okie technically its not even Halloween yet..But all the cool people (ie: US!!) dressed up and had a blast last Sat!! And yours truly went as a thigh-high boots wearing,whip cracking Dominatrix!!

Just call me Mistress Mercy..*cracks whip*

Introducing the rest of the Halloween cast..This was Mr Vijay being very reluctant to have makeup on..But it was all worth it coz..

He turned into a very hot zombie!! And yes..I LOVE this pic! LOVE!My very own Leopard Girl..*Grrrrrrrr*Nurse-Do-Me-Alot! Hahaha
The Count and the zombie..
Slutty Nurse attending to the zombie's wounds caused by the dominatrix..*winks*Her tail always seemed to be 'up' when I was around.. Hahah..I wonder why???
The hot gothic bat!! I swear ONLY Sung can pull this off!
All the hot mamis together..Your fantasies come true!!
I'll Let You Whip Me If I Misbehave!

In the cab on the way to Gotham!!
We had reserved seats at Gotham and they gave us the VIP booth!!! 2 bottles of vodka plus a bunch of crazy dressed up ppl equals one hell of a night!!
Discussing world politics?
Everyone wanted to use my whip!

The count wanted a lil bite..
Apparently so did the bat..
And the nurse..
And the leopard girl!!
Sung couldn get enough of the whip...

You tie me up..
I tie you up..
Need I say more..

Happy high ppl!

Checking my vital stats..I think!

And thus ended my first virgin Halloween night out!! And what a night it was..the amount of stares and catcalls we got! Hehe..But it was a blast! I cant bloody wait for next yr already!

And I am in lurveeeeeee with my wig! Everyone's telling me to get this haircut..But bangs are SO difficult to maintain!! Yes? No? Maybe? Hmmm..Right now Im too exhausted and stoned to even think straight..5 days of non stop makeup events and carrying around my heavy traincase is taking its toll on me. Especially after yesterday's Ms Singapore India photoshoot..Poor Sarah stayed even longer than me! But i guess its all worth it in the end..We love what we do!


(PS: Sorry Mr Vijay for yesterday! *makes Puss In Boots eyes*)