Monday, September 03, 2007

Wahhhhh over 200 pics leh! Hehehe..Let me first thank EVERYONE who came down and made the party a roaring success! *Muacks* On to the pics.Firstly the banner Joanne and Monica painstakingly created..I love you guys!

The lady loves who came early to help with the deco..

The lil one wanted to help out too!

The outdoor patio that everyone helped turn into the cake cutting venue!

OMG!! I wanted to tear when I saw the collage Sarah and Lilah made me! Its gonna be the centre of attraction in my room!

Everyone loved my dress! Hehe I loved my butterfly more..
Sarah laus and me..And her $98 top she bought just for the party..

The guys..Thanks for helping out!

My Thou!! All prettified..

Dave knows me so well!! He gave me a bottle of really expensive vodka that had diamonds and crystals in it!
My mummy dearest..Thanks Amma for all you've done..My mum's pretty vain too k.She went and bought a top specifically for the party! My beeraaathar..Who came despite suffering from a nasty virus and dry cough..Much love.

My darling sister..(yes yes we look alike!)

The ladies in white!

My 2 Pornstars!! Hehe...Nurul,Sung and Me!
Bloggers Unite!!

The Drunk One!

We're at it again!

My Priya hotstuff..

The 1st man to ever serenade me! Check out how below..

OMG How Ive missed you Daf!!
Yes Umairah,we know you're 1 already!! My darlingestttt god daughter!
My yummy cake..Stop drooling! Sweet Secrets rock!
I love my family..I may not say it often enough but I truly appreciate every single day I spend with you..*Smile*

The bestest couple I could ever ask for as friends..

My Vijay hotstuff..*evil smile*

All my SIM mates showed up!

Dinesh..Arwa..Myself and Roger..You guys made the party so much more happening!

These 2 made my night..

Malini..Me..Selva..Thanks for the Absolut Gorgeous!

The lovely bloggers again..These 2 were always near chocolate..Cake..Fountain!

Preyaz darling! Without whom I wouldn even have a venue for the party! Thanks alot darling!

Someone say Her World's 50 Eligible Bachelors?? *Innocent smile* We make a good team eh Keshav?

More pics with Lilah,Hamzah,Monica and gang
I know it was my party and all but this was what captured everyone's attention..Hell even I couldn resist!

Time for an outfit change..Which meant makeup change..Which meant Sarah darling made me all yummy in teal!!

She makes me happy!

This was when he still had clothes on..

Then everyone dragged me to sit on a chair in the middle of the dance floor..

You cant really see but this was the BEST lapdance ever! Nurul rocks my world!

Sung got into the action as well..

And then poor Vijay had to strip!! Hehee..I like!!
He sang 'Wonderful Tonight' and I wanted to cry!! Thanks Marc!

Group Pic

Cam Whores!!

Pretty girls sitting in a row! Daf..Me..Kelly..Melanie
The 2 who still make me smile all the time!
My laus and me..I simply adore this pic!

Phew finally!! There were tons more of pics..But I just couldn upload everything here! But you prob can guess from these pics that everyone had a ball of a time!! Once again thank you guys! Till my next party!