Monday, September 17, 2007

So here I am..Stuck at work for another 2 plus hrs..But I cant complain abt work..Its an awesome office..We're conference producers..Which means only 1 thing..We constantly have food at our office from various hotels at which we hold our conferences!!! Soooo yum I say..Im a sucker for finger food..Esp the tiny sandwiches!! *drools* And today I got to eat lunch at the Marina Mandarin..OMG..Out of this world!! I wanna go back! Thursday Im having lunch at the Amara..Yes yes..stop cursing me.. *evil smile*

I had a rather quiet weekend..I was in dire need of just chilling at Harry's on Friday..So I did!! With yummy white wine..bangers and mash..and great company! I also asked Dave (My favourite-st bartender!!) to whip up a drink called 'Red Headed Slut'..heheh..Something I read in Cleo..It was yum! Vodka..Cranberry and Jagemeister (sp?)

We bot Priya roses coz she was having a bad day at work! Yes yes..We're nice ppl.

My Red Headed Slut! The drink..The DRINK!!

I love this pic coz you can see my new chain.Which says 'I Heart Boys'
I spent Sat almost the same way..just chilling with Vijay and Priya..Had dinner at Pizza Hut *drools at the thought of cheese*..Watched Ratatouille *drools at the thought of the food in the movie*..Chilled out at Cafe Iguana *drools at the thought of macho margaritas*

The hand that grabbed the food!

It was hilarious trying to take this grp pic..

Presenting the picture of the night..Hahahaha
My online shopping addiction is back with a vengeance..And Ive recruited more unsuspecting souls..Hehehe..I shall hereby be known as the "Evil Temptress of all things pretty". But the shipping period is so bloody long..Pffftttt..But can you imagine when everything comes??? It'll be like Xmas in October!! *hyperventilates*

This was a MSN convo between me and a random male friend who was telling me abt his weekend clubbing escapades..

Him: And this white chick asked me to dance..Not bad eh?

Me: White chick? So? Was she hot?

Him: She's white..

Me: So? Not all white chicks are hot..Some are just white.

Him: *silence*