Sunday, September 23, 2007

Happy Birthday Vijay darlingggggggggg!!! Our last min decision to club turned out to be a fantastic night! Hope you had a blast Vijay-jay!!
We of course have to start cam whoring in the cab..Like DUH!!

First order of business..To get the birthday boy drunk!! So yours truly bought him his first drink to start him on the road to destruction..A Waterfall!

The the cam whoring started..My Sung Star!! I laus many many..
Nurul looked so SQ like after her photoshoot..
Keshav the eligible photographerThe Happyland Gang!!
Mr 'Im Not Gonna Compliment You Anymore' Roger and Ms 'Denial'
The other half who rocks my world
Suprise cake!! When someone tells me they haven cut a cake on their bd for 6 yrs..I knew something had to be done! Coz we allll laus you!
You can tell he was suprised!
Yes Dinesh..I was 'camera whoring'
I just had to ruin the shot..
The group minus Priya..Who was prob off in her flight mode or taking pics of my butt!! *Stares*
Ahhh there she is..Doing a baleh baleh by herself..Told ya she was flying..
The cousins!
Nurul laus me..Yes she does!
Sung was trying to prove a point that she was taller than Vijay in her pornstar heels!
Dont we just loveeeeeeeeeeeee alcohol..Okie fine we love each other too!
The future pilot..
I ADORE this pic..How can you NOT love Sung?
Ms 'Lets Drink All The Tequila In The Club' And Mr 'Whisky Soda'
Lancing Lancing..I swear I didnt know this shot was being taken.
You Sure?? You Want?? You Dare??
The following shots are for Nithya who has been asking for makeup shots!! Hehe..I love my teal glitter!
The classic 'Party Like A Rockstar' Pose
Once again..Happy Birthday Punaakiiiiiiii!! And you know it doesnt end this weekend..We still have plans for Sat!! Of which you know NOTHING abt..Oooooooo I like!

I also wanna apologize to Kanz for not being able to turn up at her chalet..I had prior temple obligations I couldnt get out of! We should ALL meet for dinner and pool soon!