Sunday, September 09, 2007

Drama seems to follow me..Okie so listen up bitch..You started bitching about me without even knowing me..Everything that came out of your filthy mouth was based on staring repeatedly at my Friendster pics..You're probably one of those who keep refreshing my blog to see if Ive updated so that you can look at my pics and nitpick..Quite sad don't you think? Your life revolves around my page and me..

Fineee..bitch about me..I dont really care coz I know for a fact that I AM so much better off than you..You might be skinny as a bamboo pole but you're FUGLY!! Get that?? F-U-G-L-Y!! But don't start dissing my friends and especially not my sister..You mess with my sister and you'll get into deep shit. And do you SERIOUSLY think you have a chance with my hot friends? Pfffffffttt.. Not even in your dreams bitch. Not even one of them would touch your fugly self with a pole. You disgust them THAT much. And as for your equally useless,insecure,fugly friends who religiously read my blog and pass baseless, anon comments..You people are seriously deluded.You sit behind a computer and you dont even have the balls to say who you are.

The strange thing is.. You have SO much to diss but at the same time you're soooooo interested. You have a problem with my eyeshadow..Yet you wanna know where I buy my makeup.. You think I dont have a fashion sense..Yet you desperately wanna know where I buy my clothes. You think my group has issues but at the same time you desperately wanna be part of it. YOU are just a low self-esteemed loser. The only thing you CAN find fault with me is my weight?? Hahaha.. Heard of curves?? I dont have to say much.. The men in my life have spoken for me in the comments in the last post.

Its no wonder you dont wanna see me. Coz you're just a scared lil pussy. For ALL that you've bitched..You'll get yours coming soon. You better pray I dont ever see you. Coz I WILL make sure you run home crying. Dont mess with my friends OR family. They are NOT toys to be passed around to your fugly friends..They are NOT fat or unattractive (I think you've been hanging around with your fugly friends for too long which leads you to believe everyone's unattractive)..They do NOT have issues..They will NOT strip at your useless birthday party


OMG I cant believe you're actually fuglier in person. Your appearance as well as your character disgust me. Irritating ain't I? Duh..You're not even worth my time. I don't play nice with bitches who bitch and bitch AND BITCH!!! I've never sat with someone who didnt speak at all for TWO whole hours.. I just thought you were fugly but I guess you dont have the brains to carry out a conversation as well. Okie fine bitch about me..But to not give your own cousin the respect that she deserves as someone elder makes me so mad. That's just quite fucked up. You seem to have nothing nice to say about ANYONE..Its no wonder you have no life..And just because we do, we're WEIRDOS? Hahhaha.. You can sit behing your computer and whine all you want.. YOU will never be ME..You will NEVER have what I have..You're just destined to lead a sad sad existence that involves you and your equally nasty friends bitching about ppl WAY hotter than you.

And can I just say.. Sour grapes much?? NOT good looking??? The same person you called 'V Cut Body' and 'Soothu Takkar' (Whatever that means in your mangammaistic language).. The same person you were drooling over on the phone..The same person you wanted to lick chocolate sauce off..The same person you found rapable..I wonder why you suddenly had a change of heart??? *raises eyebrow* Dream on..Oh wait its not even gonna happen in your dreams..

So please kindly FUCK OFF..Or are you too stupid to even understand that?? *raises eyebrow*