Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sorry my darlings..Busy with work and all..yesh I finish at 4 but I usually have ppl to meet after work..For drinks and pool..Hahaha..So Sat I met my usual kakis coz the need to party was too much to handle! So we went to O Bar..where my colleague Arwa and Terry were already waiting..God the drinks at O Bar are cheap!!

So these are all the 'Before Gone Fucked' pictures..Introducing Priyaaaaa...Sobban and myself..Pretty much sober..Before the countless Vodka Cranberry jugs,Blowjob and Spanish Fly shots and tequila shots..Okie okie..Funny incident..I walked up to the Chinese waiter and said.."I want 2 blowjobs' and he just stared at me..So I went 'Dude I meant the shots' Idiot..As if..

Introducing the culprits..Bloody tequila shots..

No..This is NOT me and Priya..Not at all..Nope..See kids..Dont drink..

Seeeee..Look at all the 'Gone Fucked' pics..
Me looking all Happy High and Sobban doing what he does best..Pose..Hahaha

My 'Gone Fucked Beyond Fuck' look..Daymmmmmm I look sloshed..

It was a terribly fun night which ended at N9..Tat was the only downer to the night..Plus the fact I had to converse with the ex..But you know what..I really didnt care. I could talk to him normally..I guess I really have moved on. *Happy Smile*
Okie laaa..I need to go watch some tv..I'll update more often!! Or at least I'll try!