Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Shoppingggggggg..Technically I haven had the chance to actually indulge in any GSS shopping as of YET..But I have been doing alot of online shopping..Presenting my recent haul of pigments!! Hehe..These are the new ones..My entire collection is thrice of this? Hehe..But def not more than Sarah!

Then my friend Lalitha sent me an email letting me know abt Charles & Keith's warehouse sale..I couldn go so I sent my trusty sidekick aka my sister..I came home and saw this..*points below* Hehehe..Shoes were going for like 5-10 bucks!! They only spent like 100 plus on everything. How much do you hate me? Hehehe.

On to even MORE exciting news..Dunkin Donuts is in town!!! Okie technically online..But you can get them delivered!! Its made in Singapore and delivered to MRT stations where you can collect them and then devour like crazy monkeys!! Hehehe..How yum laaa..I swear I saw stars when I bit into the Peanut Butter Jelly one..

Stop drooling now..NOW!

We were nicely whacking the donuts at Sarah's place when Lilah came over with Baby Umairah!!! We forgot abt the donuts and started playing with the sweet thing but she was teething so she wasnt in a very good mood..Poor thing..
Yesterday was a spontaneous night out with the darlings at Harry's..Yesh I know yesterday was Tues..So? Got a prob with a lil mid week alcoholic indulgence? Hell noooooo...Hehe.Harry's has like 5 new cocktails made with my favourite indulgence..Vodka! Go try...Everything's yummy and colourful!

Oh..And I got a job..Hehehe yesh I am now employed!! Details after my first day at work tml! Thanks for all the support and congratulations..Esp going out to my Sarah laus..Who called me in the morning to make sure I woke up,sms me the company details,tell me how to get there and for just being a good, no WONDERFUL friend..I laus you many many!!