Saturday, June 02, 2007

Lots of changes..Good ones!! Hehe..Let's start with my wonderful mid week retreat to Tanjon Pinang..I laus the massages and food there!! *Drools* But I still prefer Batam..The men stare less there..Hehe..

So then I dyed my hair black..Coz I was bored of looking like every other brown-blonde Indian girl out there..So back to the basics..Though my brother found it hilarious that I paid $150 to dye my hair back to my original colour..Pfft..Men. What do they know..Met the lovelies for sheesha and yummy Middle Eastern food at El-Sheik in Arab St..I highly recommend the place for some after work/sch chill out sessions. I also finally caught Pirates 3 with William after 1 week of trying to get tickets..Hmmm I still preferred the first 2 movies..This one was super draggy and long. But more Johnny Depp!! Hehe

The girls wanted to club on Wednesday so I rushed home from Sarah's place to get ready..Headed to Chillies for drinks before boogying the night away at Gotham!! Had fun with the girls after a long time..

Yest I had dinner plans with the SIM gang at Honjin Japanese Restaurant..Ooooo their buffet was so yum..Expensive but yum!! I loved the soup which was aptly named..get this ahh.. Nabe..Hehehehe..Yes..NABE..That's the kind of soup that's served in the non-burning paper. It was good catching up with the gang and hearing all the 'happy' news!! Congrats Kelly!! Then headed to Chillies for a bit coz Honjin was pretty near Boat Quay. Met Hema and her friend Suba for some alcoholic indulgence..Mmmm Long Island Tea..I swear no one lets me be non alcoholic..Hmmmpphh..

Like nail salons and hair colour, finding the ideal man can be a frustrating and lengthy process of try and try again. But then shopping around can help to speed things up. Welcome to the age of multi-dating..Aka MY LIFE..The entire process of 1) Getting to know a guy, 2) Finding out he's not the one for you. 3) Getting over him so you can try again with someone new takes a long ass time. I simply don't have the time or patience to experiment through trial and error especially since there are so many possibilities. Time spent dating this guy is time spent NOT dating other guys, which has been the rationale behind the dating lives of men. Women are like plenty of fish to them, so they can throw as many lines as they can till they catch a prizewinner.
Of course when a man does it, he's called a Player. When a woman does it, she's called a Slut.
Sad eh? But who the fuck cares..I dont wanna keep dating losers.So multi dating works. At least for now..Till I start getting jaded again.. Oh well..