Sunday, April 29, 2007

Phewwwwwww...Wat a fun filled weekend..It allllll started on Thursday when I went to Harry's dressed in orange for an event..It was fun hanging out with my laus,Sarah and her friends..I made new friends!! Hema and Anjali..We gave each other polite smiles when we were standing outside Harry's and 15 mins later, we're bitching abt Indian men and laughing our asses off..Then after Sarah left, the 3 of us went to Chillies with Stan,Suraj and William..I tell you, these 3 men entertained us with stories and videos the whole nite..Chillies is actually a cool place to hang out..I loved the view from the balcony.

Friday was supposed to be a ladies night out with my 2 new kakis, Priya and Rebecca. These 2 girls rock my world!! Hehee..We spent the first part of the night at Harry's, trying out different cocktails,bitching and indulging in yummy food. Its amazing how you can immediately click with people you've just met. After spending a good 3 hrs there, we met the guys and headed to Gotham where we shook what our mamas gave us!!! Hehe..It was an awesome night complete with vodka,tequila shots,semi naked men,lesbian indulgences and cam whoring at its finest!

I barely recovered from Friday night when Rebecca mentioned heading to Pump Room at night..But we ended up at Tango's in Holland V where I had the most awesome lamb rack!! *drools* Plus an equally yummy Cosmopolitian!!

And today I had a nice time chilling by the Esplanade and indulging in ice cream..Yum. This was by far the most eventful weekend Ive had and I enjoyed every moment of it!
PS: Eh Ive had enough drama from BFF..Seriously you keep contradicting yourself.So Im gonna do you a favour and ignore you. Coz ppl like you thrive on retaliation. Pfft.