Sunday, April 08, 2007

Long photo post ahead!!
So I went shopping with my lovely Sarah last week..I was only supposed to get 1 item..A much coveted chromeglass from MAC..But obviously when you put 2 shopaholics together you end up with SO much more!!
Sarah persuaded me to get this yummy pair of shades..I call these my 'I can see you but you cant see me' shades..Totally useful when checking out the hotties..Not that there are an abundance of them out there..But still..

My 3 current favourite letters in the English language put together..
MAC..Nuff said..

From left to right: Mineralize Skin Finisher in Glissade, Chromeglass in Metaphysical and Shimmer Blush in Peachtwist. *Sigh of contention*

Then we passed by Future State selling tops at a ridiculously low price..So we each grabbed a top. I is liking my red top.

Dinner at Sakura!!!

So as I have mentioned, one of my besties Saras announced her marriage plans like 2 mths ago.. So her engagement of sorts was on Wed..And I went to do her makeup on her special day..I tell you the girl was already glowing without makeup!! So sweet!!

Then on Thurs..I made the unfortunate mistake of following Nesh on a spinning gig at some undoh Indian club before heading to Phunk..My goodness.. *shudders in disgust* But at least we had lots of camwhoring moments in the cab.

Just found out something that would have normally crushed me..But since I've been through worse shit..Im not THAT affected..But it still hurts to be lied to. And I feel bad for the other party as well. This song sums everything up.

He said I'm worth it, his one desire

I know things about him that you wouldn't want to read about

He kissed me, his one and only

Tell me how you tolerate the things you just found out about

Why are we the ones who suffer

Let's not kill the Karma

Let's not start a fight

It's not worth the drama

For a Beautiful Liar

Can't we laugh about it ,It's not worth our time,We can live without

Tell me how to forgive you,When its me who's ashamed?

And I wish I could free you of the hurt and the pain but the answer is simple he's the one to blame

I really wish I could stuff all the cheating lying motherfuckin bastards into a ditch and start shooting at them repeatedly after castrating their cheating dicks..

*blows fringe off her forehead*