Monday, April 16, 2007

Ive been dating for a year plus now..Been on a few good ones and several horrible ones..And several too-boring-to-mention ones.. So the following tips are for males who genuinely wanna get that girl they've been after.Who genuinely wanna be with her and not fuck it up.

1) Make an effort when you ask her out. Dont go 'Eh you wanna meet?'. I know you wanna sound cool and not like you are dying to meet her (although you are)..But it just tells us we are not as impt as we would like to be.

2) Plan the date. Pls.Seriously..One of my pet peeves is indecisive men. Dont go 'So where you wanna meet? Ermm you tell laa..I have no clue'. If you like the girl enough you WILL have some clue where you wanna bring her. It doesnt need to be some high end restaurant. We know when you've put some effort in it. Even if its to the movies, at least book the tics in advance to show you reaaaaallly wanted to watch the movie with her.

3) Never ask to see her after midnight..It just screams booty call. Trust me I know.

4) This is for bonus points. Get her a small gift..Doesnt need to be expensive. Get her fav chocolate as a pressie.She'll be impressed that you actually remembered what her fav choc is. But if you wanna get her flowers or jewellery, lets just say you prob will score VERY high in the potential BF list! Hehe..

5) Never answer your phone in the cinema!! OMG this is another pet peeve..I have shushed dates when they not only forgot to put their phones on silent but also proceeded to answer the bloody call!!! Bad bad manners..

6) Never diss her friends..Even as a joke. In fact if you're really into the girl you will make an effort to get to know her friends.Trust me as long as her best friend likes you, you're gold.

7) Don't be stupid and check out other girls in her prescence. Seriously how dumb can you get? At least do it discreetly and not go 'OMG did you check out the rack on her?' *slaps across the face*

8) Contrary to popluar belief, girls read alot into body language. We take everything into consideration. If we are NOT that into you yet and you attempt to hold our hands immediately, we label you pervert. If we ARE into you and you DONT attempt to hold our hands, we think you are not interested and therefore are a bastard for leading us on. Yes we are complicated creatures. That's why you love us.

9) You pay on the first date. I am old school. Yes I am an independent woman who has her own money.But first dates are always on the guy.Always. If it ever proceeds to the 2nd date then I will be happy to pick up the tab. Dont be a cheapo.

10) You dont have to be all P Diddy like..But pls put some thought into your dressing. Maybe its just me but when a guy turns up in shorts and slippers for the 1st date it just doesnt show that he is interested. Maybe he just wants a relak one corner buddy. Sadly I have enough of those.

11) Guys..Come on..You can spend hundreds on PS2 and Xbox games..Hundreds on getting a new handphone..Hundreds on remodelling ya car..But you cant spend $2.50 on deodarant?? BO is NOT a turn on..NOT!!

12) Try not to have the date at a club..Again screams booty call coz it might seem all you wanna do is get her drunk. *shakes finger* Not good.

13) Pls talk. Seriously.If you don't talk I will assume you would rather be somewhere else. And then I will just leave. Seriously.

14) If you have transportation of your own, offer to pick her up or send her back. Especially if the date runs late. It shows you are thoughtful and not a cheapo esp if she stays in Jurong and you stay in Pasir Ris. Though we understand it cant be an every date thing, but it'll definately impress us if you offer.

15) Never tell us we have too much makeup on. Do I tell you have too much/little facial hair? Do I tell you your shirt doesnt go with your shoes? So shut up till you know us better.

16) Don't be late. Pls.

17) Call when you say you're gonna call. Don't make us wait and become paranoid. We will start calling our friends and analyze every word you said. We don't need more mental and emotional stress especially if we thought the date went pretty well.

18) Be honest. Nobody's gonna benefit from playing games.

Phew..Thats all I got for the moment. Let me know if you can think of any..